VERNAKULISASI AL-QUR’AN DI INDONESIA (Suatu Kajian Sejarah Tafsir al-Qur’an)

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 Thesis of Anthony H. Johns has noted that in the end of 16th
century  in  various  areas  of  Nusantara  has  happened  a  process  of localized speaker (vernaculation) of Islamic knowledge, especially Al-Qur’an interpretation. It can be seen in three phenomenons. First, the use  of  Arabic  literacy  that  is  called  by  Jawi  literacy.  Second,  the number of absorption words from Arabic that has transformationized in  the  local  language.  Third,  the  number  of  literacy  works  that  are
inspired by Arabic literacy work models. Vernaculation in tradition of Qur’an  that  is  done  by  clergy  of  Nusantara consists  of  at  least  two reasons, namely, first, as a socialization form and earthness of the holy Qur’an  to  the  Moslem  society  of  Indonesia  who  do  not  understand Arabic so that Qur’an is still being guideline and direction. Second, as an effort to preserve local culture heritage, that is local language.

Key words: Vernakulisasi, al-Qur’an interpretation

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