MAZAHIB Journal of Islamic Legal Thoughts (p-ISSN: 1829-9067, e-ISSN: 2460-6588) is a scholarly periodical published by the Faculty of Sharia, IAIN Samarinda. This scholarly periodical specializes in the study of Islamic law and seeks to present the various results of the latest research, both conceptual-doctrinal and empirical, on the field. The editors welcome contributions in the form of articles, case notes, or book reviews from scholars, researchers, and professionals in the discipline of Islamic law to be published and disseminated after undergoing a manuscript selection mechanism, peer-review and editing process. MAZAHIB Journal of Islamic Legal Thoughts is published twice a year in June and December.


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Volume 16, Nomor 2, Desember 2017

Table of Contents


Pengaturan Tindak Pidana dalam Qanun Aceh: Komparasi Antara Qanun No. 12, 13, 14 Tahun 2003 dengan Qanun No. 6 Tahun 2014 PDF
Ali Geno Berutu 87-109
The Role of Sharia Judges in Indonesia: Between The Common Law and The Civil Law Systems PDF
Alfitri Alfitri 110-124
A Reflection on Women Attire in The Quran; A Study On Ayat Al-Hijāb PDF
Angraini Binti Ramli, Radwan Jamal Elatrash 125-134
Gerakan Salafiyah: Islam, Politik dan Rigiditas Interpretasi Hukum Islam PDF
Abdul Matin bin Salman 135-152
Polemik Usia Hewan Aqiqah: Studi Komparasi Pendapat Imam Madzhab Hukum Islam PDF
Cholidi Zainuddin, Zuraidah Azkia 153-180


Table of Contents PDF
Subject and Author Index PDF